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CKC Reg'd Newfoundland dog breeder

 in Perth, Ontario, Canada. 

Happy 5th birthday Ike! 

Happy 5th Birthday Ike!!! (March 17)



Old matriarch Rosie; grand dam of the household Jiggs (Rosie's sister celebrates her 12th birthday!!! 
Rosie & her sister Jiggs both celebrate their 12th birthday on February 12th.

So nice to see these old girls still with us.

Recent Photos:


February / March:

Newfoundland dog: Mathilda (Guinness x Cookie) meets up with some deer Tega (Ike x Mabel) Finnegan turns 1 year old!


'Wildlife Whisperer'

Finnegan Chadwick

Happy 1st birthday
(March 11th)



Tucker (Ike x Mabel) Hank (Ike x Mabel) Skye (Ike x Mabel)
Tucker Hank Skye




Bea Arthur (Ike x Louise pup) Lily (Ike x Louise pup)
Bea Arthur Lilly


Finnegan getting ready for work (Boss x Cookie pup) Ursi (Boss x Cookie) Madison (Boss x Cookie)
Here he is getting ready for work.
He is now a Therapy Dog.
Ursi Madison

Boston enjoying the snow! Murphy (Ike x Louise) Neo (Golden Retriever), Louise, Diesel & Daisy (black) 
Boston Murphy Neo (Golden), Louise, Diesel  Daisy

I was  interviewed for an article inn Chill magazine.  The author of the article offers some great facts on the Newfoundland as well as some considerations to ponder when thinking about adding a Newf to your family....


I've recently had the pleasure of meeting William Ball of Glengarry, Ontario (and two of his dogs!).  He has writtenn "Life Among the Giants",,a lovely, light-hearted account of sharing his life with four Newfoundland dogs..

Bill provides information on the history of the breed, grooming considerations, temperament, drool(!) and generally what to expect when you add 600 lbs of dog to your day!!

My favorite chapter is on the Therapy work that Bill does with his dogs.  He visits Retirement homes and his Newf, 'Rimshot' was the founding dog in the "Reading with Rimshot" program in Cornwall, On, where children with  reading difficulties are encouraged to read to the dogs.  

Highly recommended reading for those considering adding a Newf into their lives.  Those who already have a Newf, will certainly appreciate the antics of Bill and his crew!!

20% of the sale of this book will be donated too Newfoundland Dog Rescuee




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We feed and recommend Royal Canin.



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